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Borned on December 14th, 1971 in Chisinau, Moldavia, he is the second son of five in the family of Anton and Anna Bologan. His father is informatics teacher and his mother – a teacher of Spanish. When he was 7, Viorel learned to play chess guided by his father. Later he first began the serious study of chess, in autumn of 1981, being coached by Ion Solonari. After 3 years, in late 1984 he receives the title of candidate master. Starting with 1986 he collaborated with the Moldovan chess patriarch Veacheslav Andreyevich Cebanenco.

In 1988 he graduated the school with specialization in Spanish. Later worked at Republican Chess Club in Chisinau. In the summer of 1989 passed the entrance examinations at the Institute of Physical Education and Sport (Chess Department)  in Moscow. There he began working with Latvian grandmaster Zigurds Lanka. Meanwhile he continued to improve his background with the well known coach Mark Dvorestky. In 1996 he post-graduated with the thesis “Complex preparation of high level chess players”. The first notable performance he achieved in the Youth Games of the USSR in 1989, sharing first place with Shirov and Gelfand. In 1990, after a series of successful tournaments, Viorel Bologan fulfilled the needed norms of international master. In the autumn of that year he receives the title.

The year 1991 was decisive in his career.

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He served as Grand Master 4 rules (Title II is offered in October at the FIDE Congress), and has evolved pretty good the last championship of the USSR, where he earned a 7th place and at the January 1, 1992 is ranked 52 th on the list FIDE. The result was exceeded only 01.07.1994 (site 50) at 01.01.2001 (instead of 19!) And 01.04.05 and 01.07.05 (instead of 18 and 2700 Elo points).

For 7 years has evolved in the German league team in Dresden. During the years 1993-1995 has defended the club colors of Belfort (France). Between 1995-1997 he played for the club “Tattransgaz” in Kazan which in 1996 became the European Champions Cup winner. In 1997, after success in New York, Viorel Bologan decided to give up chess and until December 1997 worked on transactions in securities. The economic crisis in Russia in the years 1997-1998 he returns to Viorel the chess board, in addition to it is given the right to represent Moldova at the first World Championship in Groningen, where he won the first, but lost in round second.

The year 2000 was one very successful in his career Bologan, he manages a series of 4 consecutive tournaments won (Minsk, Beijing, Poikovskii, Buenos Aires) and get on 01.01.01 on 19 position worldwide with 2684 Elo coefficient.

On November 10, 2001 he married Margarita Makarova, ballerina at Ballet Theater “Moskva” in the Russian capital. Îmreună have a daughter, Catherine, for 3 years.

In 2002 and 2004 to defend the colors secţionatei Moldova chess Olympics in Bled (Slovenia) Calvia (Spain), playing at the table first. The team has 31 place in 2002 and 36 in 2004. Before that, he played the following Chess Olympiad: Manila (1992), Moscow (1994), Yerevan (1996), Elista (1998), also at the table first.

His greatest success, Viorel Bologan from achieved in summer 2003, when he won superturenul from Dortumund, outrun them on Anand, Leko and Kramnik, who then occupied positions in the hierarchy of world 2.4.

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